Filipino Cultural Symposium (March 28th – 29th) GSU – Armstrong Campus

Enjoy 2 days filled with fun and learning about our culture as Filipino and as an American as you hear from different speakers give their take on several topics about the all aspects of The Filipino Culture. There will also fun activities to do like learn several clinics – Eskrima (Filipino Martial Art), Cultural Dance Clinic on Tinikling and Filipino Dessert tasting. More details to follow soon!

Spring Picnic 2018 (April 14th)

The Annual Spring Picnic takes place on April 14, 2018 and will be held in Lake Meyer Pavilion. It is usually the time most of our members get to renew their yearly memberships and a chance for those who came to know about us to become new members.  This year, it will be on a Saturday which should give us a good turnout and accommodate most peoples’ schedule. First, there will no longer be worries about what dish to bring — the $5  admission fee per person (ages 4 and under are free) will provide a delicious menu of American and Filipino favorites — lechon, pancit, adobo, humba, pizza, salad, sphagetti, and more.  This event will feature many activities to participate in. There will be painting classes provided by Romy Labares for a nominal fee as all materials are provided for. Both American and Filipino Games will be on hand for everyone to enjoy and learn about. There will also be a chance to dance and sing and learn from both our cultures! All these, plus more surprises as the leadership council is developing will make the 2018 Fil-Am Picnic  a memorable and enjoyable family outing.

Spring Elections of Officers (2 year terms)

Another event at this year’s picnic at Lake Meyer will feature our Spring Election of Officers for the next 2 years. We are looking for dedicated members to volunteer their time and effort serving our community! We are looking for those who can be good stewards of our association’s budget and investing it in the overall growth of our community by promoting our culture and heritage. We know that our members are composed of people of many talents, and walks of life. No matter the occupation or station– medical, business, professional trade, teachers, and hospitality, stay at home or retired, young or old, we need you! We know you have ideas on how to improve and make our association much better, so why not take a shot and run for office? Let our officers know about your intention! It is time for us to come together! How can we grow without you in it?

Referendum on becoming 501(c)3  Organization

The last agenda at the picnic is for the following. Being a social group whose function is nonprofit and for the enrichment of our culture, we are asking everyone to consider taking the next step to not only help and enjoy being a social group, but reap the rewards in changing our tax filing status from W9 for Social Groups to 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.  This filing will reap more mutually beneficial fiscal relationship for our members, businesses in the area and generous donors seeking tax write offs. Many businesses who we deal with to book events give organizations who have a 501(c)3 more discounts because they are legitimately filed as non-profit. Most people who give donations  currently to us cannot claim those deductions on their income tax, therefore they are deterred from giving us larger sums of money to pursue worthwhile projects that benefit our community. As a voting member, we will be asking for a majority to vote on this referendum so that we can confidently start the process of change or to remain as we are.