Fil-Am Yard Sale August 25, 2018

Come and join us on August 25, 2018 at IBCF CHURCH Parking lot for our Fundraising Yard Sale. Bring your decent condition donation items the week before the scheduled event. Contact us by email or 912-596-7088.

2018 All-Open Asian Invasion Fun Run October 6, 2018 (Fortsyth Park)

Our next event is the ALL OPEN ASIAN FUN RUN—a community event set for October 6th! The run will increase Asian-American awareness in the Coastal Georgia community, raise funds for the Fil-Am to offer even more events open to the public, and help build community and fellowship amongst Asians.  

For Participants/Runner Sign Up


Strategic Partner and Sponsors

Family Christmas at United Methodist at Whitebluff (December 8th)

Save the Date! If you have seen last year, you would have heard how fun and enjoyable our Candyland theme was to those in attendance. Help us this year develop another theme — We are all ears! We value your opinion. Drop us a message via email, facebook, or by talking to our Officers. We will be updating you as we go finalize this in the next few months.

Christmas Ball ( December 15th)

Save this Date as Well! Everyone is still talking about how we rocked it in the Desoto to this day! We have heard it was one of the best and most attended thus far. Help us again this year by budgeting for the tickets well in advance  and plan for this year to also be off the hook! More details to come soon!

Fil-Am Scholarship 2018

The next generation are our Hope! Helping them develop into the best and the brightest is what we like to accomplish in giving out this scholarship. This is usually given out to our Christmas Ball. The scholarship Committee will be selected and will be providing the criteria and deadline for this soon.